03 April 2007

OnBioVC 1Q07 Summary

Here it is, hot off the press...An effort to aggregate all of the data that is found here at OnBioVC. To download the report please click (here) or paste the following link in your browser to grab the .pdf.:


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02 April 2007

Endocyte, Inc.: Series C $15M

Endocyte (West Lafayette, IN) developer of folate-targeted based therapeutics for the treatment of renal cell carcinoma, ovarian, endometrial and nscl cancer raised $15M in a Series C financing. Participants included Sanderling Ventures, Burrill & Company, Triathlon Medical Ventures, Blue Chip Venture Company, American Bailey Ventures and CID Capital.

MAP Pharmaceuticals, Inc.: Series D $50M

MAP Pharmaceuticals (Mountain View, CA) a product based biopharmaceutical focused on developing novel treatments for pediatric asthma and migraine therapy closed a $50M Series D financing. The deal was led by D.E. Shaw & Co. and was joined by Perseus-Soros Biopharmaceutical Fund, Pequot Ventures, Brookside Capital Partners, Bay City Capital and Skyline Ventures.

ChemoCentryx, Inc.: Series D $29.9M

ChemoCentryx (Mountain View, CA) a developer of drugs for autoimmune diseases, inflammatory diseases and oncology with lead indications for inflammatory bowel disease and multiple sclerosis, closed a $29.9M Series D finanicing. The deal was led by the Glaxo Group Ltd. and was joined by Alta Partners, GIMV, HBM BioVentures and OrbiMed Advisors.

ProFibrix B.V.: Series A €8.5M

ProFibrix (Netherlands) a biotech company focused on fibrinogen-based products to stop surgical hemmoraging and initiate tissue repair, has closed a €8.5M Series A round. The deal was led by Index Ventures.

Numira Biosciences, Inc.: Series A $2.5M

Numira Biosciences (Irvine, CA) a medical device company specializing in high resolution bone imaging and virtual histology has raised a $2.5M Series A round. The deal was led by vSpring Capital and joined by Tech Coast Angels and Pasadena Angels.

Regado Biosciences, Inc.: Series C $23M

Regado Biosciences (Durham, NC) a biopharmaceutical company with a platform oligonucleotide drug-antidote pairing system focused upon the anticoagulant market has closed a $23M Series C financing. The deal was led by Caxton Advantage Life Sciences, Domain Associates, Quaker BioVentures and Aurora Funds.

Affinium Pharma, Inc.: Series A $18M

Affinium Pharmaceuticals (Canada) who is developing a new class of antibiotics targeting staph infections closed an $18M Series A financing. The deal was lead by Forward Ventures along with Oxford Bioscience , SV Life Sciences and Genesys Capital Partners.

CoreValve, Inc.: Series C Series C $33M

CoreValve (Irvine, CA) is a medical device company introducing a percutaneous revalving system to replace failing aortic heart valves without surgical access closed a $33M Series C financing. The deal was led by Maverick Capital other participants included Apax Partners, HealthCap and Sofinnova Partners.

Orqis Medical Corp.: Series D $37.4M

Orqis (Lake Forest, CA) is developing devices to prevent or reverse the underlying disease progression of congestive heart failure has closed a $37.4M Series D financing. New investors include Wasatch Advisors, Cross Creek Capital and the Omega Fund along with Boston Scientific and Lighthouse Capital Partners.

Nitec Pharma AG.: Series B $26M

Nitec Pharma (Switzerland) a drug company focused on the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases with lead indications in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Polymylagia Rheumatica, raised $26M Series B round. The deal was led by NGN Capital other participants included Atlas Venture and Global Life Science Ventures.

Okairos AG: Series A €7.2M

Okairos (Switzerland) a biopharmaceutical company using adenovirus-based technology to focus on T-cell vaccines has closed a €7.2M Series A financing. The deal was led by Life Science Partners and Biomedinvest and was joined by the Novartis Venture Fund.

Coapt Systems, Inc.: Series E $22.6M

Coapt Systems (Palo Alto, CA) develops bio-absorbable implants for use in soft tissue fixation during facial cosmetic surgery procedures raised $22.6M in a Series E financing. The deal was led by Global Life Science Ventures and Easton Capital other participants included Alta Partners, Asset Management Company, Canaan Partners, Millennia Partners and Foundation Medical Partners.

Amira Pharmaceuticals, Inc.: Series B $25M

Amira Pharmaceuticals (San Diego, CA) drug company focused on inflammatory respitory and cardiovascular disease solutions via the leukotriene and TNF╬▒ pathways closed a $25M Series B financing. The deal was led by Novo AS and joined by Avalon Ventures, Prospect Venture Partners and Versant Ventures.

25 March 2007

Tragara Pharma, Inc.: Series A $40M

Tragara (San Diego, CA) a pharmaceutical company developing therapies for the treatment of lung cancer and inflammatory diseases closed a $40M Series A round. The financing was led by Domain Associates, ProQuest Investments, Morgenthaler Ventures, Oxford Bioscience Partners and Mitsubishi International Corporation.

Sanarus Medical, Inc: Series E $15M

Sanarus Medical (Pleasanton, CA) provides minimally invasive products for the diagnosis and treatment of breast tumors closed a $15M Series E round. The deal was led by Easton Capital Partners and Mosaix Ventures and were joined by U.S. Venture Partners, Forward Ventures, Alta Partners, Federated Kaufmann Fund, Pequot Ventures, Industry Ventures and Channel Medical Partners.

ProteoGenix, Inc.: Series B $20M

ProteoGenix (Portland, OR) a diagnostics company utilizing high-throughput protein analysis techniques to identify protein biomarkers for pregnancy-related complications closed a $20M Series B round. The financing was led by New Leaf Venture Partners, TPG Growth and Burrill and Company.

Epiphany Biosciences, Inc.: Series A $36M

Epiphany Biosciences (San Francisco, CA) is developing both therapeutic products and diagnostic technologies that treat or prevent the spread of pathogenic viruses a new with its lead product for the treatment of Shingles closed a $36M Series A. The round was led by Wexford Capital other participants included Windsor Bay Capital, Global Trust Ventures Management and CDIB BioScience Venture Management.

Phenomix Corp.: Series C $55M

Phenomix (San Diego, Calif.) a drug discovery and development company focused on the treatment of Type 2 diabetes and hepatitis C raised a $55M Series C financing. The deal was led by Nomura Phase4 and joined by JPMorgan, Delphi Ventures, Baker Brothers, Alta Partners, Sofinnova Ventures, Bay City Capital, CMEA Ventures, Novartis Venture Fund and GBS Venture Partners.

Spaltudaq Corporation: Series B $29M

Spaltudaq (Seattle, WA) is focused on developing tumor-specific therapeutic antibodies for the treatment of cancer and infectious disease raised $29M in a Series B financing. The round was led by Arch Venture Partners and was joined by Canaan Partners, Healthcare Ventures, Amgen Ventures, MPM Capital and Alexandria Equities.